The core business of WidasConcepts is the design and development of customized Big-Data and Internet of things solutions. We aim to create intelligent business solutions that take into account the user context, user mobility and local intelligence. Our goal is to delight the end users with smart, engaging applications that show superlative value for your investments in technology.

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From obligation to opportunity – customer retention 2.0

WidasConcepts: The PSD2 standard changes conventional banking. Wimsheim, 1. März 2017              The PSD2 standard is coming into force early 2018 and will facilitate digital cash flows. Because, going forward, not only will long-established financial institutions be able to trigger transactions, but also the so called third-party payment service providers, such as retailers, on behalf of their…

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WidasConcepts: Brain storming by experts on big data technologies

IT consultants at the Big Data Summit 2017 Wimsheim, 1. Februar 2017                               The IT consulting firm WidasConcepts will take part in the fifth Big Data Summit of Bitkom on 16 February in Hanau. At this annual meeting, decision-makers in data management will discuss recent happenings and developments in the Big Data field. This year’s topic…

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WidasConcepts at the Business Day – India

Those who are active or want to become active in India will sooner or later deal with the following questions: How do I build sales structures and long-term supplier relationships? What is to be considered in the (re) structuring of the Indian subsidiary? How can I find a suitable Managing Director for India? How do…

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